About Us

So what’s it all about? This site? Life? The Universe? Everything?

Maybe I should start by saying who and what is welcome here. The Code of Conduct is about who and what isn’t welcome here, so let’s talk about who and what is welcome here.

Maybe you grew up somewhere, and you no longer live in that culture? Maybe you grew up somewhere, moved somewhere else, and moved back to where you grew up, and you find you no longer belong there?

Maybe you simply enjoy thinking “outside the box”? Maybe you aren’t happy with the people controlling the ideas, and you have some different ideas? Maybe your “way out there” ideas are now “mainstream”?

So now maybe we need to set some boundaries, and get back to what this site isn’t about, just so we’re clear.

This site isn’t about overturning democratically elected governments.

This site isn’t about how vaccines are full of microscopic robots reading your mind and sending your thoughts and dna samples to the government.

But let’s talk about science. Let’s talk about history. Let’s talk about the multiverse. Let’s take music and link it with the mathematics that describes that multiverse, let’s talk about other dimensions, let’s talk about the life visiting our planet from somewhere else, let’s talk about technology, let’s talk about making our planet a place we can live on for the next 100 million years. Let’s talk about how to live better, love better. How to be wiser, kinder and infinitely more interesting.

Let’s share poetry, songs and short stories. Let’s speculate wildly, but brilliantly. Let’s remember what it is to be a thinking animal on a spectacular planet, hurtling around a devastating sun at unimaginable speeds.

Let’s blow our minds.

So just a couple more lines about what this site isn’t, before I run out of motivation.

This isn’t an academic site. I love academics, and academia, but no one here is going to require that you use footnotes. Evidence is a fine thing, but this site is about ideas, not about proving them definitively. If you are an academic, you are welcome to take what you read here, and fly with it.

Sometimes the best ideas are those you can’t yet prove, and when the time comes to prove them, it’s that process that changes the universe as we know it.