a voice with no songs

i’m a voice with no songs,
i’m a voice with no songs,
like rain without a desert
there’s nowhere i belong.

i’m a voice with no songs,
i’m a voice with no songs,
like a bird without feathers
all my hope of flight is gone.

if this note had a place,
if this mirror had a face,
there’s nowhere left to go,
no stars in outer space,
all the questions come out wrong

i’m a voice without a song,
i’m a bell without a gong,
i’m an angel out of heaven,
i’m the weak without the strong
i’m a voice with no songs

pitter patter, little feet,
crying for their mother
on the wrong side of the street,
i could teach you all forgiveness,
but it wouldn’t be as sweet
as this voice with no songs

a voice with no songs

Bushwackin’ Blues

It’s nearly three a.m.
The pleasure’s all been mine,
I could tell that from the yawnin’
And you kept asking for the time,
If I could only take you home—
But I think the wife would mind.

It’s a cloudy starless night,
The bugs are out in force,
With one thing on their mind,
Dragging life out from it’s source,
But you’re as pretty as can be
And I’m as love struck as a horse.

Unless all the undergrowth dies
I’ll never find my way out of here.
You’re a treasure and a joy
But my time with you is done my dear.
Burdocks, brambles, shasta daisies,
Trampled, crushed, itching like crazy.